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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I use Order Notes, and what are they for?

The order notes can be entered during the checkout process, and are used if you have any additional instructions or comments related to your order. We'll do our best to accommodate your requests.

On items that include a random variant, (such as dice colour) feel free to use the notes to specify what you'd like.

You can also provide feedback, to brighten the lives of the wonderful trolls.


What are your postage options?

The flat rate shipping is as follows:

 UK ­ £1

 EU countries­ £2

 Rest of World ­ £3

If the wrong postage option is accidentally selected, we will notify you via email, and will ship your order once the correct amount is handled.


Can you ship my orders together?

We may, for convenience and shipping safety, automatically (unless requested otherwise) dispatch and package multiple orders together, provided they contain the same shipping address.

If you would like your order sent together, (or separately) make your request using the Order Notes, or email us directly.

 Any excess postage paid will be refunded as store credit on your website account.


What is 'Pick up at FNM'? 

“I live in Iceland. How does pick up at FNM work in Iceland?”

This option is exclusively for collection at our local FNM, (Bazbo Comics in Truro, England) or at an event we travel to. (Such as our stands at GP's when in attendence.) 

If the wrong postage option is accidentally selected, we will notify you via email, and will ship your order once the correct amount is handled. 


What is meant by 'Card Condition'? 

The majority of singles on the website (and certainly all from recent sets) are minty fresh.

Although some of the older cards (where noted) can be rougher around the edges. 


Here is a guide to the system we use for grading:

Near Mint / Mint:  ­Cards in NM-Mint condition show minimal to no wear from shuffling or general play

Light Play: ­ Minor scuffing, drawing (including signatures or stamps) or slight bending. 

Moderate Play: ­ May show any amount of wear, and any type of wear, but usually still legal for tournament play once sleeved

Heavy Play: ­ As moderate play, although much more excessive. May not be legal for tournament use, even when sleeved. 


I can't complete order payment!

In the event that your order payment has malfunctioned, we can still take your payment over the phone, or via PayPal transfer. In the event that checkout is unsuccessful, we will still maintain a copy of your order, and details. (with the cards out of stock, and allocated to it) The order status will be marked as Awaiting Payment.

In rare instances your order may be charged in dollars instead of pounds. (This error is caused by our website provider location) In this event, do not worry, we'll pop you an email to proceed with payment, and will cancel or refund the initial amount.


I've made a mistake on my order! Can I add or remove card(s) please?

We understand that mistakes can happen, if you have realised you have missed off a card or have ordered an extra card please let us know as early as possible. We will try our best to amend your order so you receive exactly what you need. Please note for order additions there is a 20p charge. We reserve the right to waive this fee at our discretion. 


I've changed my mind and wish to cancel an order, how do I do so?

We understand that this can happen, if you have realised you wish to cancel your order please email our support address at the earliest opportunity. A member of the team will look and see how feasible it is, if the order is already processing it may take longer to retrieve, and will work out a refund with you. Payments made with Store Credit will only be refunded as Store Credit. PayPal payments can either be refunded in full or via PayPal with a 3% cancellation fee (unfortunately this fee is necessary due to PayPal no longer refunding transaction fees to customers - at our sole discretion we may choose to refund the fee as well). 


Do you buy cards?

Our website features a comprehensive 'Buylist' which is constantly updated. If you can't find your cards on there, or you have an extremely large collection you are looking to sell, we may still be interested. In this case, send us an email detailing your cards and they're condition, (including some pictures) and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We offer two modes of payment for trade ins:

PayPal transfer: Direct to your PayPal or credit card

Store credit: An amount added directly to your website account, which can be used as payment for orders. As an incentive, the amount we pay in store credit is slightly higher than the PayPal option.


I want to buy more than 8 of a card but notice stock is limited, why?
We limit our available stock numbers so that no one player purchases all available copies of a card beyond 8 units. We have a good base of regular customers and want to ensure card availability to them is as optimal as possible. We reserve the right to cancel additional orders that any one player makes for more than 8 copies of a single card.


The card I want isn't on your website! Please help me!

Don't panic. We are constantly updating our prices and inventory every day. If you can't find the product you desire, don't hesitate to contact us, and we'll see what we can do.

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